Chickpea: It is a nutrient that comes after beans in terms of protein and mineral matter. The flavor and nutritional value are increased according to the cooking style and there are 20 grams of protein in 100 grams.

Lentil : It is easier to digest, and especially iron in its composition, so it is a nutrient given to children and blood.

Beans: It is rich in protein, fat, cellulose and carbohydrate. Other compounds include calcium complexes such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, and B complex vitamins. It is difficult to digest. If the shell is made of gas in the intestines, the shell is removed and cooked. The value of the meat is increased when cooked with the addition of substances such as oil. Soybeans are best in terms of nutritional value. 100 gr. 22 gr. protein.

Broad bean : In its composition, it is a legume found in excess protein phosphorus v.

Pea: It is rich in protein, starch, phosphorus and B vitamins. It is a delicious nutrient that is easy to digest. Food, garnish, etc. Used as.

Cowpea: It is rich in protein, starch and vitamin. Used in some areas too.